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About Rebrand Software

Hi, I'm Mike Gibson, creator and owner of Rebrand Software, LLC.

I live just outside of Washington, DC, USA with my wife and two daughters. I love designing software and Rebrand Software is the outlet for my creations.

I founded this company in 2003 in order to bring high quality software to other internet entrepreneurs. Since then, I have imagined, designed and created over 40 different Apps for Windows and Mac.

As the number one company creating Private Label Apps from 2003 to 2013, Rebrand Software set the standard for quality and customization of private label software, which was designed specifically for other companies to rebrand as sell as their own. In December of 2013 I ceased production of private label software to focus instead on traditional software development.

My goal is to create apps that people love. Since debuting on the Mac App Store I have achieved that goal by receiving overwhelmingly positive reviews from customers, and taking their feedback into account to provide new and better apps.

I love to give away free apps through social media! If you like our software I invite you to follow me on Facebook or Twitter, and check out my Blog.

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Thanks so much for visiting and interacting with us!


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Using Easy Password Storage in the Cloud

This version comes with the ability to synchronize passwords between all of your devices in the cloud. I want to touch on some of the ways you can benefit from using the free cloud service on your devices.


Remote Backup Magic

"Love this utility."

-Luis Carrillo -Mac App Store