How do I sync my Mac/Windows computer with my phone/tablet?

First, on your Mac/Windows machine:

1) Open Easy Password Storage
2) Create an account and log in
3) From the Cloud section, create a free cloud account and log in

Second, on your phone/tablet:

1) Open Easy Password Storage for mobile (separate purchase required)
2) Create an account using the same Username, Master Password and Encryption Type as your Mac/Windows machine
3) Click the gear icon for settings
4) Visit the Cloud area
5) Log in to your cloud account

Now your devices will sync every 2-3 minutes. Repeat the second steps with any other devices you want to sync.

In Summary

No matter what types of devices you sync between the main point to consider is you need to create a duplicate account on each device using the same Username, Master Password and Encryption Type. We do this so that your Master Password is absolutely never transmitted over the internet, only encrypted data is sent to your Cloud Account. The encrypted data comes to your device from your Cloud Account and your device, which has access to your Master Password and Encryption Type, decrypts it. This makes it impossible for anyone else to access your data.